i really love my...

Okay, so Adelyn may not care either way about them, but I LOVE them. I've gone through a few pairs of boots for her, but her legs are too chubby for the zip up or velcro ones ;)
These Robeze are fantastic! They are elastic and slip on, but stay on....so even when she's crawling don't slip off.
Plus they are super cute :)

p.s. I've seen a knock of version of these at Target and they are pretty cute too....




We have noticed lately that Addy really picks up on mimicking what we say and do. Lately she's been clapping her hands together and making a sound like "yay!" when we say "yay!"...I was able to catch her saying baby version of "yay!", but she was too occupied to bother to stop and clap her hands too :)



we wondered when she'd figure it out...

So Adelyn started crawling yesterday. It's so fun to watch her learn that she has control over where she goes and to watch her make decisions....I haven't been in much of a rush for her to become mobile and the loss of "freedom"...gone are the days of cooking, cleaning and reading a book while she hangs out on the floor with her toys :) Don't get me wrong, I love that she's growing and developing and learning...it is nice to be able to "get stuff done" and not have to watch her like a hawk (like how the babygate is NOT over the stairs, but instead leaning against the wall?).
Oh well....welcome to Mommyhood :)

crawling from nick and abby flies on Vimeo.




These are Addy's favorite snack...next to cooked apples and cinnamon :) She mows them...no joke...anyway...she likes the banana...I haven't tried the "green puffs" yet, but I'm not sure how I feel about the sound of those anyway :)

I bought the organic type b/c my mind has this issue with putting sugar, preservatives, etc. into her sweet little untainted body (we are working on getting that mindset to ourselves as well...except for the "sweet little untainted" part...)
I haven't figured out how to make these yet, but I want to try b/c it has been so fun making her baby food and trying new combinations :) my little guinea pig....I'll let you know how it goes if I figure it out... :)
Anyway...she likes them...apparently they are yummy...I don't happen to think so, but that's not what matters :)
Just wanted to share...



catch with daddy

Nick taught Adelyn to toss the ball a few weeks ago...I've been meaning to catch it on video, but haven't had the chance. Tonight they started playing across our coffee table/ottoman and kept it up for a while so I got a good bit recorded :) I love watching her learn new things...it's so fun!
Anyway...enjoy :)



so much stuff...not enough space...

So Adelyn has a ton of clothes...and she's growing through them so fast! We don't have alot of space to store everything and those plastic bins take up too much room....
After a few trial runs of different options, we decided we really like the space storage bags.
They lay somewhat flat once you take the air out and I can label them as well as see what all is in there....Wal Mart has them for fairly inexpensive and they are reusable...you don't throw them away unless one rips or something, but I don't think that can happen too easily.
Anyway...just wanted to share in case you're having storage issues like we are :)



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