Happy Halloween!



little smarty pants :)

We played a wicked game of hide and seek the other night...and our daughter busted out counting to 10 on her own...I'm so proud ;)



snacktime hilarity

I was down the hall while the kids were eating their snack the other day, and I heard them just laughing hysterically...I came around the corner and this is what I found:



pumpkin carving and preschool?

{Tinkerbell (stencil found here )and--what else?--John Deere}

Our first pumpkin carving experience was uneventful :) It was really hot outside and Nick and I did all of the carving....well, Nick did more, actually....I wrangled the kids.
Adelyn did not like the feeling of the inside of the pumpkin...she stuck her hand in once, freaked out, and that was it :)
Mason hung out in the exersaucer in the entryway...
Maybe next year when she is another year older, she'll like it a little more :)
She wanted a picture with the pumpkins....this night she was wearing one of my hairbands like this and kept running around saying she was "racin'"....
I made this recipe for carmelized pumpkin seeds with our carving "harvest". YUM.

Okay, so, an unrelated topic. Adelyn turns 3 at the beginning of January and is able to start preschool. I'm teedering on whether to send her or just wait until September. She LOVES going to play with her "friends" and "peoples" in the nursery when we go to MOPS, church, and MOPS bible study...and she LOVES going the kids center in the mornings when we go to the gym to play with her "peoples". I'm not worried about any separation anxiety....and she is toilet trained, so I'm not worried about that either. My hesitation is that once she is in school, she's in until she graduates high school! It's more of an issue with me, I guess....anyway....I have a few schools picked out and we are going to go visit...the other decision is Christian vs. Public.....the one I really like is not a Christian school, but the teachers are great and I've heard awesome things about them from ladies at MOPS.
Those of you with kids in school, when did you start your kiddos?



first project::finished!

I finished my first scarf a few days ago...I have a few more in the making and I'm working on a pair of gloves! Next class we are learning "knitting in the round" so I can make hats...joy! :)



rainy day love

I love rainy days. Don't get me wrong, the sunshine out here in CA is fantastic and there is plenty of it....but there is something about a rainy day. You need one now and then :) We haven't had one since May.

Mason slept in this morning, so Addy and I just hung out by the door watching and talking about the rain...toddler style.
She wanted to eat breakfast by the door too...so we did....it was the best.
Don't you just LOVE kiddos in jammies? One of my favorite things EVER.

{on a different note...check how long this girl's hair is. I can't get over it...}






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