a party and a visit

Earlier this month, my mom and Grandma came out for a long weekend and for Mason's birthday party. Since his birthday fell on Thanksgiving this year, we had it the Saturday before :)
It was so much fun. We had a mixed CARS and Toy Story theme going on..
The cake was from Super Target's bakery...it was yummy :)
I made car and cowboy hat sugar cookies for favors.
Mason was overwhelmed between the people and gifts....the poor kid didn't know what to do! :)
On a more important topic...my mom and Grandma came for a quick visit. It was so amazing to see them and it was so incredibly sad to say goodbye.
I miss our families so much everyday, but having them come visit and then having to say goodbye again is like itching off a scab and having it hurt all over again.
(graphic, I know, but it's the only way I can describe it!)
We had a wonderful time with them while they were here...
thank you both for coming!
we love and miss you!



trick or treat

Let me just say that growing up, we didn't go trick or treating. This has never bothered me and I understand why my parents made that decision...but let me tell you, I think I was more excited about costumes and candy than the kids were ;)
 I made Nick pull out some of his cowboy gear and I scrounged in the closet for what could pass as western wear :)
{we stopped by to see Steve and Cindy and she took this picture for us (thank you!). The "creepy baby" is actually her childhood doll...and is actually quite sweet, but I get that on Halloween, baby dolls can be on the creepy side :) }
Mason was supposed to be a bum, but he turned out more farmer-ish.
There was much drama behind the "whiskers".
Adelyn wanted to be a princess (surprise surprise), so she picked one of her dress up outfits, I braided a crown and sprayed some glitter. BAM. good to go :)
Our friends, Jeremy and Meghan, invited us to join them at her Mom and Step-dad's for their annual Halloween shindig (thank you!)  ;) with her family...it was a blast! So many kids. Adelyn and Mason were in kid heaven. I didn't take any pictures, though....so I don't have any of the fun costumes the kids were wearing :)
Going door to door was so much fun. There were so many people and it was neat seeing all the different costumes!
I'm already excited for next year :)



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