crockpot chocolate lava cake

This recipe is SO easy and SO amazing that I made it twice in less than 24 hours :)
I tweaked it a little after the first time, so I'll share my "tweaked" recipe and then give you the link to the original :)
Crockpot Chocolate Lava Cake
1 package chocolate cake mix (any kind) prepared according to directions
1 small package chocolate instant pudding prepared according to directions
12oz package semi-sweet chocolate chips

Pour small amount of cake batter into bottom of slow cooker. Layer half package of chocolate chips. Pour over rest of cake batter (slowly, so the chips don't rise to the top). Layer more chocolate chips over cake batter. Slowly pour in prepared pudding. Layer remaining chocolate chips.
Cook on "high" for 2-3.5 hours (depending on how your crockpot cooks....mine was done in 2.5 hours)
Cake will be done when "lava-y" bubbles on top :)
Serve warm with ice cream.

how mine looked when it was done
The only "tweaks" I did were in how you put it in the crock pot. The original way was for all the choc chips to be put in after you put in the cake batter and pudding....but I thought the bites where it was just pudding and cake were too bland....spreaking the chips throughout gives it a little more kick :)
Try this. You won't be disappointed :)

original recipe



preschool (!!)

 My baby went to her first day of preschool yesterday...
I am so proud of her!
She had a blast and is ready to go back on Wednesday. :)
really, Mom? enough with the pictures.
Walking in, she was beyond excited....she kept tripping over her feet because it was like they wouldn't move fast enough ;)
at this point, she was ready to go play...I was definitely on her nerves :)
Nick took Mason with him to the field to ride in some tractors :), so I had the morning to myself. I got all of my cleaning and some laundry done. Go me :)
I was sick to my stomach thinking about my baby girl being in school. Where did the last 3 1/2 years go?!
I know Mason and I are going to have some great one on one time MWF form 8ish to 3ish (thankfully, she doesn't have to be there right at 8am and I can pick her up sooner if I need!) when she is at school...but she has been my constant companion for the last 3+ years! It's so wierd when she is gone for the day...
We are so proud of you, baby girl! We love you so much! :)



midwest trip::krispy kreme and playtime

Tuesday morning, we met Ardyce and Uncle Terry and Aunt Kathy at Krispy Kreme.
So yummy.
It was super hot and ridiculously humid while we were back, but we managed to spend quite a bit of time outside :)
My brother, Jake, was awesome with playing with the kids :)
When Noah came over, he and Adelyn  built a fort
Nick is a rockstar at Barbie play ;)
 my mom and stepdad's neighborhood is full of young families with little kids...specifically girls.
Adelyn was in heaven...
Adelyn ADORES her big cousin, Noah.
He was pretty patient with her ;)
She followed him everywhere.

 swimming with dad is fun too :)
Mason loved diving down this slide at the park
 love my mom



midwest trip::Papa Bob, friends, and GG Jane

The kids and I spend Sunday with my dad and 2 of my brothers...
Adelyn got some grilling lessons from Papa Bob :)
That evening, my dad and Pam watched the kids so I could go meet up with some old friends/co-workers for dinner....it was SO great to see them! I LOVED working with these ladies and miss them alot!
The next day, we met up with Nick and Ardyce in Boone the kids could see Great Grandma Jane...
Adelyn was chewing gum and making faces at some kid to the side...



midwest trip::the lake

Nick had to do some travelling to South Dakota for work while were were in the MW. So we met my mom at her and my stepdad's lakehouse in southern Minnesota while he headed out that way.
We spent a few days there before driving down to Des Moines.
I didn't get pictures of the house or the lake, so I borrowed these next 2 from my stepdad's sister.
The house is actually on a hill across the street from the lake....which I liked because then I didn't have to worry about my kids taking off for the water everytime we were outside ;)
It was so serene and quiet...I loved it ;)
 my stepdad fishing :)

 we took the kids to a kiddi pool one evening and then went to the outlet mall another afternoon...Adelyn flirted with the mini donut kid :)
Adelyn LOVED riding the dirt bike...you could hear her hollering "woohoo! faster!" and she didn't want to get off :)
 Nick even got to take her for a ride...which she loved :)
(video to come)
Mason does NOT like loud noises....so he did NOT like the dirt bikes :)
You'll see his reaction to my asking him if he wants a ride in one of the videos I will post later :)



midwest trip::anatomy of a picture with Nana

I really dropped the bomb of getting pictures of the kids with all their grandparents. I did remember with Ardyce, though...
we moved the couch so it would get more natural light...draped a blanket for better background...
it was kind of a flop.
The middle picture is the best of the 3...
the sun was in Luke's eyes, Ella was like "what the...", and Mason wanted nothing to do with it and crawled to the other side of the couch and started bouncing up and down shouting "jump! jump!"
we tried...
one more attempt....Mason just doesn't want anything to do with it ;)



midwest trip::more minnesota fun

dress up at Nanas::
Ardyce pulled out some of her old college and high school clothes for Adelyn. Can you guess which dress was her favorite? ;)
She loved it.
 donuts at the Roberts's::
(and a picture of Mason's crazy post-nap hair)
 hanging out at Papa and Ellens::
and a cute random picture of Lukester
 Ben and Jerry's and a walk along Lake Minnetonka with Papa the day before we left.
Someone LOVED getting to try a little bit of everyone's ice cream ;)



midwest trip::joy ride and a movie

 Adelyn is a thrill seeker and loves all things fast and furious.
oh dear...
anyway....Nick and Ray took her and Mason for a joy ride.
You could hear her yelling "WAHOO!!!" all down the road while they were driving away.
Mason liked it okay, I think....he wasn't as gung-ho about it as Adelyn was :)

check out their faces when Papa gunned it.
Ardyce, Sara, and I took Addy to see the new movie, Brave, while we were there....first we made a pit stop at Trader Joe's :)

 The movie itself was okay. A little "dark" for my liking, but cute...Adelyn had fun...
...she was conked out before we even got halfway home :)



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