zig zag lamp how to

I wasn't planning on posting a tutorial for this last minute project, so I have no before pictures and no "in the process" pictures.
After alot of painters tape and alot of irritation, I figured out a method that worked for me.
First go around, I printed off a zig zag stencil from here. I thought I would follow this tutorial and translate it to the lamp shade...
well, the shape of the shade made that darn near impossible {although, I do think it would work for a more uniform shade, like a drum shade}.
I realized I was going to have to "free form" it because I didn't want to mark on the shade at all.
I used the seems of the shade as my marker for where I wanted the points to line up.
I tore a piece of painter's tape {I had 1" thickness on hand, so that's what I used} and placed it where I wanted at the angle I thought would work.
I marked where I would need to cut it with a pen, cut it, then repeated.
 I did that the whole way around...it took about 20 minutes total to get it all taped.
Obviously, the angles weren't perfect, but I think for how small the shade is, it's fine.
I also marked off the edges around the top and bottom of the shade with tape b/c I didn't want to paint those.
Then I took it outside, gave it a few light coats of spray paint {Champagne Mist by Rustoleum}
and wallah! I was pretty stoked with how it turned out.
BTW...the lamp itself is painted Rustoleum Gloss White.
A little extra tips, make sure that the tape is pressed down really well before you spray paint. I actually didn't have any paint seep through, which I was pretty pumped about.
Do a few light coats of paint to keep paint from dripping and messing up your shade.
I hope this helps. You are more than welcome to email or comment if you have any questions :)
Stay tuned for a post on all the new changes I made to Addy's room ;)
including this other lamp::
{the inspiration for my small table lamp :)}
ps....if you missed this recipe I posted....check it out....SO yummy :)



lemon, parsley, parmesan chicken

I made Martha Stewart's lemon, parsley, and parmesan chicken last week. Um, AH-mazing.
Miss Andrea posted it on her blog first.
The minute I saw the picture, I had to make it.
I took her comments of what she would do differently to heart and I actually made chicken breasts instead of a whole bird. I used the leftovers to make chicken potpie. So good.
I also used red new potatos instead of fingerling potatoes b/c our grocery store didn't have fingerling.
I made double the sauce as well...just because that's how we like it.
Anyway, click here for the delicious recipe.
Enjoy. :)



adelyn's 3rd {official} bday party

I love birthdays. I love making a big deal out of birthdays.
Now that we got that out of the way....
We had Adelyn's official birthday party the Saturday after we got home from the great midwest (January 7, I think?)  ;)
I originally had "grand" schemes of a rainbow themed party because Adelyn has been into Rainbow Brite and rainbows. Everything arched and/or colorful is a rainbow.
I realized, though, that I had given myself one day between us getting back (late at night) and having the party. So I scratched grand ideas and went store-bought and easy...and a facebook invite ;)
{thank you, Costco and Target)
The only thing "home made" at the entire thing was the cake...and it was not made from scratch.
So there.
...without further ado...
Um, balloons are the greatest decor for a party EVER. They also make great party favors ;) along with silly straws. The kids had a blast with them....and they are just plain fun.
Adelyn wanted to "show" the table...
So we have the greatest friends and neighbors. They have a snow machine...and were gracious enough to bring it over for some fun in the sun in the snow ;)
It was really snow, though...more like teeny tiny bubbles...think laundry machine or dishwasher overflowing. So fun. I mean come on, people, it's bubbles!
The kids LOVED it.
{if you're wondering where Mason is...he was sleeping nearly the entire time...when he was up, he was a grouch. He was getting over roseola (boo) and we think he's working on his molars...}
I think at this point {below photo}, the blowers and gone out and the bubbles were just spilling out :)
These girls cracked me up. Adelyn loved having them over! She LOVES them...
Testing the cake before candles :)
Of course she had a meltdown right before we sang "happy birthday"...couldn't even tell you what about now...
Mason chilled with Jeremy :)
The girls opened gifts...
...of course a {friendly} balloon fight also ensued...
We had so much fun having everyone over. We have been so blessed to have met and made great friends.



christmas/ new year's recap

 We were able to fly home for Christmas and spend 2 1/2 weeks with dear friends and family! We had such a blast and the kids LOVED seeing everyone (of course, so did we!) :) Let me just preface that I didn't get pictures of everyone we were able to see (boo)...and I didn't post nearly even half of them on here :) If you want to see more, our picasa link is to the left... :)
Nearly the entire time we were back, it was in the 50s and even 60s instead of the usual 20s and 30s....thankful for the great travelling weather, bummed about the lack of snow ;)
We flew into MN and were with Nick's family there over christmas. We did drive to Southern MN for one day to see my brothers since Caleb and Josh were both going to be gone by the time we go to IA (Josh was in from the Hawaii for a few weeks on leave and Caleb was leaving the day after we would get to Des Moines). We spent the day at my Mom and Stepdad's lakehouse playing Scrabble and just chillin' :) It was so fun to be together, and I'm glad we got to see Josh before he headed back to Hawaii.

We went to church Christmas Eve and then to dinner and a White Elephant (so fun!) with the Morrison's. I forgot how much I love white elephant gifting...and the food was so YUMMY.
Christmas Day we had a yummy tea ring, the kids had stockings, and we opened gifts. It was chaos. Nana had a lot of help ;)
We got to see Ray and Ellen quite a bit too. So glad! We went to their place Christmas Day evening.
The day after christmas, we went to spend a week with my family and see friends.
We were able to spend quite a bit of time with my mom and Rob as well as my dad and Pam.
 We drove to Boone one morning to see Nick's Grandma Jane. Her walker was a hit with the kids ;)
 We had christmas with my dad and Pam the day after we got into town. So much fun :)
The Saturday (New Year's Eve) before we headed back up to MN for a few days before we flew out, we had a little get together so we could see friends as well as celebrate Addy's birthday.
We got to see Zeb, Bekah, and the girls (we also spent that evening with them), Amber, Tommy and Miles came by...a dear friend from college, Dave, stopped over....and my dear friend, Ashley came with her oldest, Abby. So fun to see everyone...I just was lame and didn't get a ton of pictures.
We spent a few more days with nick's family in MN before we flew back to Cali.
It FINALLY snowed up there, so we got to go sledding the day before we left. Adelyn had been before and loved it. Mason LOOOOVED it. Check out the kid's face in the pictures ;)
a HUGE thank you to our families for being so patient and gracious with us ;)
We had so much fun seeing everyone and can't wait to get back again soon!




happy birthday, adelyn!

My baby girl is 3 today!
Happy Birthday, sweet girl.
We love you!



13-ish month stats

Clearly I have failed miserably at keeping up with Mason's physical development ;)
We had his "12 month" check up today...although he is closer to 14 months at this point!
Okay, so here we go:
Weight: 21.5lbs (25%-ile)
Height: 31 inches (60 %-ile)

So brief update on little man. We think he's getting his molars..and he's just getting over roseolla (yes, he did wake up sick the night before we were travelling back to Cali...that's just the way it goes).
He's been walking for about 3 1/2 weeks now...he started trying right before we left for MN and mastered it out there.
He's still as happy and laid back as ever (EXCEPT when he's sick...then he is a definite daddy's boy).
He gets super annoyed if you get in his way of something he wants.
He doesn't get so bothered by Adelyn anymore when she randomly tackles him--which is often (it does, however, drive me crazy).
I could go on about how awesome our son is ;) but I'm pretty sure this is getting long enough.
He's great. We love him.



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