It's a bird....It's a plane....

It's Super Adelyn!
She was trying to pull a fleece blanket around herself, but it was too heavy, so Nick busted out this towel.  :)



...we have a new addition to the family!
Ella Jane Roberts (8lb 9oz 21 inches) was born this morning.
Adelyn is super excited to meet her new cousin!
Congratulations, Sara and Kyle!
We love love love you!



weekend fun

It's late Monday night...I guess more like Tuesday super early morning.....I've been dealing with the ugly cold and can't sleep, so I figured I might as well clear pictures from the camera.
My stepdad, Rob, turned *gasp* -- on Sunday. My stepbrother, Jesup, turned (I think) 25 today. So Sunday afternoon some of us got together to spend some time and celebrate with them.

My step sister, Lila, and her husband, Rishi, came down from MN with their little boy, Naveen.
I haven't seen him since November. Isn't he the SWEETEST?

Of course, how could I NOT mention the beautiful weather after that ridiculous snow situation on Friday?? Adelyn and my nephew, Noah, played outside...Addy like watching Noah scoot around on his bike and picking up rocks :)

I guess that's all for now :) I'm excited that spring is springing! I'm not scheduled to work again until Friday night, so Adelyn and I are going to be LIVING outside the next 3 days...I can't wait! :) Happy Tuesday!

ps: I have decided on the haircut situation. I'm going to wait a little bit. I just paid $30 to get it trimmed and thinned down...I feel like I'm wasting that money if I just chop it off now :) Nick said he doesn't care what I do as long as it's not in my face...



dream hair

I want to chop my hair...like this...I'll spend less time drying/styling and more time with my baby :) I've had SUPER short hair in the past, but not really since high school....I don't have the guts to do it yet, but I'm tired of pony tails, pony tails, pony tails.......
so should I or shouldn't I?
help me decide please!




Okay, so my cousin's wife, Tracy, tagged me in this yesterday so I am passing on the fun :)
1. Open your first photo folder on your computer.
2. Scroll to the 10th picture.
3. Post that picture and the story behind it.
4. Tag 5 or more people.

So here is the 10th pic of the first folder in my pictures...do I really need to tell the story? I think it may be self explanatory ;)

Okay, so I tag: Steph, Amber, Angela, Mel C., Marti, Jess, Nealy, and Natalie (assuming that they all read my blog time to time!) :)



sweet&sour short ribs

I made these ribs the other night at they were AMAZING. Think sweet and sour chicken meets yummy juiciness. I had never made ribs before, so I was pretty excited about it.
They were SO good. I think this summer I may try a grilled version...
Brush 2-3 lb short ribs with soy sauce. Roast in 350 degree oven for 1 1/4 hours.
While ribs are roasting, prepare sauce:
1c. vinegar
1c. sugar
1/2c. sherry wine
2Tbsp soy sauce
1 sliced green pepper
1 Tbsp cornstarch
scant amount water
1 Tbsp zested gingerer
1/2c. pineapple chunks (fresh is best!)
1/4 c. sweet pickles (I did not use)

Bring first 5 ingredients to a boil in medium sauce pan. Mix cornstarch with water to dissolve and add to sauce. Stir until thick and clear. Add zested ginger, pineapple and sweet pickles.
Drain off fat from ribs and spoon sauce over top.
Place back in oven for an additional 20 minutes.

*Recipe courtesy of Tasty Temptations: Inspired by world famous Tea Cups & Tiaras by Connie Bandstra



read this

I read this blog post tonight.
I agree with her, but I'm not excited about it.
I don't like that I'm going to be the cause of my daughter's tears. I don't like that she is going to get mad at me (right now, it's just when I put her in timeout or take something from her that she isn't supposed to have). I want to always see her smile. I want to see her laugh....but what good is that for her? What does that teach her?
She has been such a light and joy in our life. I love her with all my heart....and because I love her that I'm going to tell her "no". (I get it now, when my mom used to say "it's because I love you..."). :)
I want her to know that she isn't going to have everything she wants. I want her to understand delayed gratification. I want her to know what it means to work for what she wants. I want her to be thankful for and content with what she has.
It is only by the grace of God that we are going to make it throught the next 20+ years of raising kids. It's going to be a hard road when we have to tell them "no" so that they can learn and grow. I pray, though, that they will learn to love the Lord and desire to mold themselves after Him. That they will desire a heart after His.
Everyday I feel so inadequate of this responsibility...but apparently He disagrees because He gave us Adelyn and entrusted her life to us, spiritually, physically and emotionally....and for that I am so humbled and grateful.



I really love my...

...new camera!

I have learned alot the last few years from Steph when it comes to taking good pictures and really wanted to eventually get an SLR camera and tweak my abilities :). I decided I would rather have a few really good pictures than a ton of okay pictures.
Needless to say, I wasn't planning on getting any sort of SLR camera for a while.
I got a Canon EOS Rebel XS for my birthday. I am still freaking out. This camera is amazing!
I was using a Sony Cybershot that takes some pretty good pictures and I still plan on using that camera as well (this SLR doesn't record video like the Sony does)....but my new camera gives me a lot more to work with :)
I'm still learning the settings and how to use it...so bear with me. ;) Granted I will never be a professional photographer, but I'm hoping to learn enough to take some fun pictures :)

For now...I'll leave you with these sweet baby blues...



Florida Keys: big green chair

*photos by Stephanie Flies



Florida Keys: fun in the sun

I was thinking today how much I loved being outside when we were in Florida.
The Tuesday of our vacation, we drove South to visit Bahia Honda State Park's beach. Unfortunately, when we got there, the beach was closed b/c they had reached capacity. Thankfully, Steph's dad and Alan had seen a small beach area nearby.
There were some some nice cement picnic tables to sit and eat lunch, and a tree for the girls to sit under and play with a very popular red chip clip (let's just say Nora is going to probably put Adelyn in her place when she gets a little older) :)
It was a fun time and Adelyn's first sand/ocean experience :)
On Wednesday, Adelyn was NOT napping very well, so I decided that Nick and I were going to take her to the beach near the house (Harry Harris or something like that) and get some more beach time in...it was fun to watch her explore the sand....she did NOT like the cold water so much :)



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