visitors part 2: my mom

My mom came out to visit at the beginning of this month.
I really miss her.

It was wonderful to see her and spend some time with her! This is the longest I have gone without seeing my mom. In my whole life. All 3 of the colleges I went to were within an hour from home, so I was back about once a month.
It's been hard having her so far away!
The weather was fantastic while she was here.

We didn't do a ton, just played at the park or outside really. But that was just fine :)
yes, Adelyn does have a little something in her drawers here...

We did get donuts Saturday morning :)
Adelyn got a little spoiled :) Grandma bought her a princess tent...
and this fun riding toy...
Mason had fun just watching the action...
although he did get a bit more worn out than Adelyn did :)
bu he still really loves his Grandma!

It was hard to say goodbye....that's the worst part. Why does time always go so fast when you're with the people you love?!
Thanks for coming, Mom. We really miss you and love you; can't wait to see you again this summer!



visitors part 1:: Steph and Nora

Nick was gone for 2 weeks at the end of February, and--thankfully--these two came to see us for a few days while he was out of town :)
I have to tell you, it was a real life saver to have them come! It got us through the final days of Nick being gone...and I got to see two and a half of my favorite people! ;)  (Steph is preggo...hence the half...)
Okay, so we didn't do a whole lot of anything special.. but we did manage to keep busy.
We did go to Chuck E Cheese one afternoon, and I hafta say I haven't been there in a REALLY long time.I think I took some kids I was babysitting for there one time when I was in high school....
p.s....Nora LOVES Barney.....cracks me up!

We went to this placed called Boingos. It's an indoor bounce playground.

Nora was all gung-ho about climbing up the gigantic slide. Adelyn was more content carrying around a Lego bin. I know.

We took the girls to the park...if you haven't seen the spinning videos, you are missing out.
We played in the backyard...

 Mason chilled out too...

bath time was also a fun event...
...can't you tell? ;)
Mason enjoyed his too.

A good time was had by all :) I can't tell you how many time we were asked if the girls were twins. Even went they weren't dressed alike in their matching jackets (thanks, Nana Flies!) :)  It was such a blessing to have them come over and time went by way too fast :(  It always does.
Thanks, Steph and Nora, for visiting us! Come back SOON! ;)

next post? visitors part 2: my mom :)



quite a few happenings...

...obviously I'm on a blogging hiatus (well, sort of) :)
Between visitors (Steph and Nora...and my mom!), a recent getaway trip, and daily happenings....I haven't taken the time to sit down and upload pictures and type things out....
not to worry, I'll jump back on the bandwagon soon ;)



latest undertaking

So "way back in the day" I was a fairly "fit" person...I exercised alot and ran and was pretty active. Enter nursing school...I got a little less active...enter marriage, super budget and nursing school...even less active and no gym membership :) Enter kids and multiple pounds later...well...you get it :)
I really want to get back into running. It's my time. I can go on my own...30 precious minutes.
A new friend from my MOPS table hooked me up with the Couch to 5K running plan. I love it.
This was week one....and while I'm sore and a little extra tired....it's the perfect plan. I did revamp it, and instead of doing 3 days a week...I'm going for 4-5. My neighbor and new friend :) Alex, started it this week too, so she's kind of an accountability partner...no excuse not to run  :)
Alot of the women I've met at our new church run, so I think that once I get myself going, it will be great to be able to run with them on Saturday mornings....I'm pretty excited.
I don't have a lot more to say other than I'm really excited to be getting back into running and hopefully getting into shape so I can keep up better with Adelyn, have more energy and get into my regular clothes! :)



for the grandparents...and aunts and uncles :)

This is just random video before bedtime...



discipline is hard...

...exhausting...challenging...rewarding (in the end...)

I'm still trying to figure out how to discipline Adelyn so she learns....we are learning what works for her. Spanking and smacking her hand doesn't do a whole lot, she looks at us like, "what the he** are you doing?"....Time out and taking her away from what she's doing seems to do the trick. She doesn't like being taken away from the social activity and sitting by herself with no interaction...
I've seen every example under the sun....I've seen moms absentmindely say "no no, honey..." while on their phone and then just letting it go...I've seen moms wack their kid on the hand for not taking a bite of food....I've seen moms calmly take their screaming child and put them in time-out and then go back to their task without skipping a beat...believe me, with all my years of nannying and babysitting (with a mom doing in-home dayce care, you get ALOT of references..) :) I have seen (and heard) it all.
We don't spank often because my biggest fear is that we will do it in the midst of our frustration and take it out on her and lose control *shudder*  We don't just let things go (all the time)....I am learning to choose my battles, though :) I mean really, is it a big deal if she only eats 2 bites of veggies instead of 4? At least she's eating them at all.
It's a tough balance because although I require her obedience, I want her to learn and understand rather than be afraid of us....we don't want to be super strict and rigid to the point where our child rebels (believe me, I had friends who did because their parents were just unbending and ungracious), but neither do we want to be "ho-hum" and lackadaisical (oh yes, I did).....discipline is exhausting...the other day I had Adelyn in time-out 5 times before 10am...I could have just let the issue go because it wasn't a big deal, but I knew that she wouldn't learn if I gave up...it took 5 times, alot of tantrums and tears, but she figured it out and we haven't had to deal with it since. I mean come on, she's two.....
Anyway, I saw this post on someone else's blog, and I really appreciate that this woman can put into words what I'm thinking. My sister in law, Steph, works for the ministry Family Matters and has given me a few parents books (Graced Based Parenting and Raising Kids for True Greatness) that her boss, Tim Kimmel, wrote...I've started the first one numerous times, but never finished...I have a feeling from the title, that he may be along the same lines, so I'm thinking I may be picking that one back up with fresh eyes ;)
Anyway....everyone has their own style of discipline because every child is different....just remember that because I don't discipline the same way as you doesn't mean that I'm wrong and you are right (or vice versa)... it means that our kids are different and we are learning what works best for them.




Steph and Nora came to visit for a few days this week while Nick is out of town (he's been gone for nearly 2 weeks [!!])
Yes, I have lots more pics and some more video to share of our adventures with 2 toddlers and an infant ;)
But here is sneak peak for you...
We took the girls to a park and put them in the spinny chairs :) If you have ever seen a toddler/infant try to navigate after being spun around, it's pretty funny (come on, if you have kids, you know you've tried it).
Check out Nora's video too...her's is definitely more comical than Adelyn's :)



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