This is Adelyn's BFF "Lion". She loves this thing. She could be fussing when you get her into the carseat and the minute you put up the handle and she sees Lion, she quits and starts grinning and talking.
This weekend we went up to MN for a parenting conference "Raising Truly Great Kids" through the ministry, Family Matters, our sister in law, Steph, works for (it was fantastic and I'll tell you more later). We had a great time seeing Nick's family and we got to see some friends from ISU and meet their sweet baby girl, Callie, who is 2 weeks younger than Adelyn....their due dates were actually a day apart...how fun! :)Anyway....Addy did fine on the car ride up....this is her chatting with Lion.






3 months and 5 days today :)

sleepy girl...

daddy's girl...

"boo Iowa" girl...

chatty girl... sweet and silly girl...

I've been rebuffed a few times for slacking in the picture department, so here ya go :)
Adelyn turned 3 months on 4.11 and she has changed so much! Every day is something new. She has found her hands and likes to suck on her fist, she giggles and talks more, she likes to kick in the bath tub and splash water everywhere, she likes to play and she likes to be in the action.
We love her so much and are so thankful for each and every day. It's so weird to see how big she is b/c I can totally remember her as a newborn and how little she was! It's amazing. I can definitely do this again :)



where are we going?

So I haven't been one to listen to podcasts, but lately I've been listening to Greg Laurie online. He does soundbites on Life 107.1 and I liked what I heard, so I went to the website and did some listening. I heard this soundbite this afternoon on the radio and it struck a chord. Where are we heading? Are we prepared for where we are heading? What he has to say completely makes sense. Without God, America is heading into ruin. Period. Selfishness, greed, laziness, hate.....it's all because this country is turning on the faith this country was built on. NOT religion....but Faith in the one true God whom we were created to serve. I want to challenge myself and anyone who reads this to think. I'm not saying convert now...but think about why we are here. Why do you think we are placed on this earth? When faced with the question of eternity, are you prepared for it? Where are you going? What are you living for?

Where does America stand?


hilarious day brightener :) enjoy.



another good weekend

This weekend was another fun one :)
Auntie Steph came into town b/c she was matron of honor in a friend's wedding. Nick, Adelyn and I went to the wedding and got to see alot of people we haven't seen in years! Addy got to get all dressed up :) and she looked pretty darn cute....not that I'm bias or anything :) She handled the evening pretty well considering how tired and stimulated she was. :)
Steph stayed with us that night (it was SO wonderful to see you!) and the next day we drove to her hometown of Mt. Vernon for a baby shower her mom and soon to be sister-in-law were having. Despite the weather, we made it just fine. It was a fun afternoon to celebrate Steph and baby Flies :)
It was so good to see Steph and spend even a little time with her. We had a great weekend and despite Addy not feeling the greatest (we had a little temp and a cold) she did great!




this is her "huh?" face :)



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