new favorite past time

{oh my word, excuse the magenta overtone. I can't figure out how to edit it out...}

I love to read. If you know me, you know that fact. I go through books rather quickly (it drives Nick crazy). I will stay up until 3 am to finish a good book. No question.
A few weeks ago, I discovered a new hobby: knitting. 
I decided I wanted to learn to knit or crochet, so I put out a request for someone to teach me on our MOPS facebook page. About 10 other ladies replied that they wanted to learn too and then start a knitting group. One of the girls told us there was a beginners class at Hobby Lobby, so I went.
 It's so easy and I am hooked. Scarves and blankets are my specialty right now :) but the next class is learning a new stitch and how to "sew" the garter to make gloves, sweaters, etc....I am SO excited.  :)
I asked the lady teaching the class if she would be interested in doing a special class for our MOPS....I haven't heard back, but I am hoping she says yes...
Here's to new past times....



uncle jake's visit

So my baby brother flew back with the kids and I from Iowa. Let me tell you, he was awesome. He took care of Mason while I had Adelyn. She was spiking a fever that day and it got pretty bad on our flight from Denver to CA (to the point where I considered staying the night in Denver because I was nervous about her being that sick on the plane). She was scary boiling hot. Tylenol and alot of prayer brought it down for most of the flight, and she started to spike again right before we landed. She was fine the next day, so I'm not sure what the deal was.
Anyway....Jake was awesome and I'm so glad he was able to come out with us.
Because our flight was changed, we lost a day with him, so he was only here for a day and a half before he had to head back (boo).
I love my brothers and am glad he was able to stay for even a little bit!
We did alot of just hanging around :) That's about it. We had planned a trip to the mountains, but with that lost day, decided we didn't want to spend the one full day in the car. Next time I guess.
I royally failed in the picture department! This is the only one I got of him here. Boo.

{watching a movie before bed}
{Mason crawling around after his bath. Jake is here, you just can't see him :)}
Adelyn LOVED having him around and kept asking for him after he left.
Anyway, thank you, Jake, for all of your help. You are the best!
Love you! Miss you!



IA visit: we miss you!

As always, it was so sad to say goodbye. I miss our families so much!
We love you guys and miss you so much!!
My brother, Jake, flew back with the kids and I...thank you, Jake (pictures to come)! What a blessing that was :)
That was actually our final "hiccup". We were supposed to leave DSM at 6:45pm, but our flight to Denver kept getting delayed later and later, until finally it was cancelled (lightning on the runway in Denver)....we changed it to 4pm the next day, so we went back to Mom and Rob's and had one more day with them  :)  I know they were tired, but I'm glad we had one more day :)
Thank you, Mom and Rob, for letting us take over the house :) and use the car!



IA visit: Ashley and Katie

guess whose child would not cooperate? ;)

The kids and I spent one morning with two of my oldest friends, Katie and Ashley and their kids.
Katie and I have known each other since preschool, and Ashley and I met in 5th grade at church.
I love these ladies. They are amazing women and I miss them!
Each of us has 2 kids....it's still crazy to think we have kids!
It was fun to see them. A little crazy. My daughter was having a rough morning that day, but they were gracious about it (thank you, ladies!).
I didn't get to spend as much time with them as I would have liked, but I will take what I can get! :)
Next time, though, I think a date sans kids is in order ;)
love you, ladies! :)



addy's and mason's rooms

{Addy's room is actually a dark pink, but it's translating reddish. The comforter I got last year on clearance at Target for $8(!!) The lamp is from Marshall's and everything else is from her previous room}

{the horse monogram is from etsy. The dresser and crib were Addy's. The crib bedding was from Target 2 years ago. The nightstand is part of Addy's dresser/chest of drawers set from craigslist that Nick stripped and refinished. The lamp is from Target.}
 Taking a break from the midwest trip posts, but not to fear, there are a few left ;)
Slowly but surely, I am getting the kids' rooms somewhat finished. It's driving me NUTS that I can't paint the white walls. I can hardly stand it. I would LOVE to paint Addy's room a really pretty grey and do some sort of stencil on one of them. (like this one).
Mason's room is pretty much done.
If you know my husband, then the decor of this room won't surprise you at all. :)
(since I took this picture, I switched the crib bedding from the stripes facing out, to the polka dots...looks way better)

The picture above Mason's bed, is a poster adhered to an art canvas. I didn't like the look of a frame, but didn't want to just tape the poster to the wall. I got the canvas idea from here.  Looks way better for sure. 
I have some new drawer pulls that I spray painted oil-rubbed bronze to put on the dresser. Nick stripped and refinished this dresser for Addy's room last year and I thought it looked better in Mason's room...plus we got another set for her :)
Addy's room is the least finished. We still have to strip and repaint her dresser and chest of drawers. I got them off of Craigslist right before we moved. I think we are just going to do a basic white and get some glass drawer pulls. Keep it classic. That way I can do accent colors in the photo collage, curtains and pillows. I want to find a fun rug too. I'm planning on doing some sort of stencil on the curtains. I found some grey curtains that I would rather do, but pink is what we have, so I'll hafta work with it :) I'm going to switch out all the scrapbook paper I have in the photo collage for more grey/blue stuff..eventually :) 
I'm also going to recover the pink lamp shade and take out the pink and green puff balls that are inside...maybe keep the pink, but add grey and white or something?  I'm not totally sure yet. I hafta work with what I have since my decorating budget is pretty much $0 for a while ;)
Anyway, I've had some family members ask for pictures, so here ya go :) Any project ideas or thoughts, I'd love to hear them! ;)




{ Mason 7 mos.}

{Adelyn 6 mos.}

I can honestly say that I haven't pulled out pictures to compare Adelyn and Mason around the same age. I have been curious....I just haven't done it.
So here is my satisfied curiosity.
{Adelyn 7 mos}
 {Mason 7 mos}

You can definitely tell them apart, but they definitely look like brother and sister. :)



Eagles' visit

Last weekend our friends, Nate, Jess and little Liam came to see us! I cannot even explain to you how excited I was to see them and meet their new little man!!
They live about 3 hours from here near the Bay Area, and it's oddly a comfort having people we know in the same state :)
Nate and Nick were on the worship team together in college (I think Jess was too for a bit?) I knew Jess in college, but not well. But let me say, these are 2 of my favorite people :)
Liam is the cutest and is so much like his dad. Holy moly. He has this serious face that is SO cute.
We mostly hung out at the house. Friday, Jess and I went to Hobby Lobby and In-n-Out burger...the guys watched the kids :) Saturday we went to the foothills and spent some down at the river (that is actually a lake in the winter and spring). It was fun to walk in the refreshing water. Addy had a ball getting in the mud and water! The current was strong, so we made her hold our hand, but she still managed to go under a couple of times...it's good for her, right?
Can you believe she had a baby 5 weeks ago? I mean really, it's just not right to look this good after having a baby :)

Sadly, these are the only picture I thought to take. I keep forgetting to get the camera out.
We had so much fun with the Eagles' and can't wait to see them again :)  Thanks for coming, you guys!



IA visit: the Riker family

We were able to see our dear dear friends, the Rikers, while we were back. We were neighbors and then became good friends, especially after Claire and Addy were born, since they are only 3 months apart. Mason and Norah are about 3 months apart now too. I can't tell you how much we miss these guys!!!! If the house on the lake doesn't work out :) then we are moving next door to these guys again :) That's all I have to say.

Mason with his betrothed :) although, I think he finds her dress more interesting at the moment...


getting a decent picture of these 4 was quite a feat! ;)
We got to see Bekah and the girls at the park the next week, too, and then we met up at the splash park before we left town.
Did I mention we MISS them??
It was SO good to see you guys! We miss you and can't wait to see you again...
better yet, get out here to Cali!! ;)



IA visit: Storm Lake and Great Grandma Jensen

My mom's family is from Storm Lake and I have alot of great memories from being up there with my grandparents and the rest of the family. After Grandpa died and Grandma remarried, she moved and we hadn't been up there in a while. Both of my mom's sisters bought houses on the lake, though, and we get to go up there again :) I LOVE it, and am fully convinced that I need to live on a lake somewhere someday.We went up there for the Fourth and then Mom and I took the kids up again the following week for a few more days so we could see my Grandma. We took Adelyn in the boat. She hated the life jacket, but once she got past that, she loved it and kept yelling her version of "faster!".
I got to see my cousins over the Fourth and their kiddos (cutest kids ever, people). Then my cousin, Brooke, lives in SL with her hubby and 2 year old son, Drew...so I got to spend more time with them the second time we were up there.
Thank you, Laurie and Russ, for letting us stay with you! We had a blast with everyone and we miss you!

My cousin Jill's little girl, Jensen. Seriously, how cute is she??
Drew boy, how sweet is he??
Adelyn driving Uncle Russ's jeep and going for a ride with Daddy
At the park with Drew:
chasing the geese, Drew on the slide
Mason in the swing, Addy and Drew on the rocket thingy
Mason with his blanky (he LOVES that thing), Adelyn and Drew chasing geese :)
On the merri-go-round (those things are the best!)
On the boat
Mason and Grandma before a walk to the park
View from the house...full moon on the lake....amazing...

We got to spend some time with my Grandma. I love her :) It was good to see her!



IA visit: Great Grandma Flies

Nick's aunt and uncle brought Grandma Flies down to DSM one afternoon (thank you, Mary Jo and David!). I'm so glad they did! I think she had fun seeing the kids. She got to see Mason and Adelyn around Christmas time before we left, so I'm glad we got to spend some time with her and Mary Jo and David. Ardyce was in town too, so she came over as well. It was fun to have everyone together.
We also got to see Grandma Lebo (Ardyce's mom), but I forgot my camera! Ardyce got some pictures, though, so I'm going to see if I can't track some down from her :)
Nick took this rare picture of Adelyn looking at the camera and was proud of it, so I thought I'd share :)

Kiddos with Great Grandma



favorite spot and in the walker

Mason mastered crawling AND got his first tooth while we were in Des Moines.
His favorite spot to crawl to and around was under Mom and Rob's table. If you couldn't find him, that's the first place to look :)
He also loved the walker at my mom's. One evening, the weather was actually bearable :) so we let him loose in the cul de sac while Adelyn played with the neighborhood kids in the backyard. That is her hollering in the backyard.



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