disneyland part 2::better late than never ;)

I was looking through pictures on the computer and realized I never shared the second half of our Disneyland venture.
Day 2 was spent partly in Disneyland and mostly at California Adventure.
Mason got to meet Pluto :) Adelyn wanted nothing to do with him ;)
We waited 45 minutes for the Toy Story ride. Meltdowns did ensue :) But the ride was a lot of fun :)
 Adelyn picked Buzz Lightyear for her souvenir
 Okay, so there is a parade and fireworks every night. It was so much fun! It was late, but the kids loved it.
 Our last night, we went to Color in Wonder at California Adventure. It was so cool! I didn't get any pictures, but Adelyn and Mason were transfixed.
Last ride before heading out for good....
 Before we headed home the next day, we did some shopping in Downtown Disney...
Okay, we had so much fun with Alan and Steph and the girls. Disneyland is awesome :) We are going back again, but this time it will be at Halloween probably next year....I'm so excited! :)



19 months

Little man in 19 months this week! We had his 18 month check up last week :)

weight: 23.2 lbs
height: 34 inches

He is our little peanut.
He is pretty much awesome.

cars, trucks, tractors...anything with wheels.
basketballs, footballs, soccerballs...
playing in the sprinkler/pool
running around like a mad man
playing with sis
riding bikes outside
reading books...the same ones...over and over and over....and over again...
green John Deere blanky....goes with him EVERYWHERE
he LOVES CARS the movie...freaks out everytime we turn it on, or if he sees some CARS merchandise...
he also likes Toy Story :)
haircuts at the local barber with Dad (as long as Dad holds him while getting said haircut)
the kid can also shake-a-tail-feather

sis when she takes it one too far (she plays a little too rough...)
having anything taken away from him
not getting his way (what a bummer when that happens)
flying...especially flights longer than an hour...
time-outs...he HATES them



happy birthday, Mom!

happy birthday to the great Mom and bestest friend :)
I love you so much!



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