post feeding :)



busy weekend

Adelyn got to meet more family this weekend.
Nana Flies and Auntie Sara came down for the weekend....it was fun just to sit and spend time with them...and they loved holding Addy (I mean how could you not??) ;)
Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of Sara and Adelyn, but I'll post one when I get one...
Great Grandma Jane came down Saturday evening....
Saturday afternoon, my cousin Brooke, Aunt Laurie and Grandma Jensen stopped by to meet Adelyn too....
All in all, it was a busy but enjoyable weekend....Adelyn handled the passing around and visitors super well....I love that she only fusses when she's hungry :) We're spoiled there.



our little chubby cheeks :)

Adelyn can live up to her chubby cheeks officially :)
We followed up yesterday for her weight check and our little ham is back at her birth weight 6 days ahead of what they recommend! Needless to say, we were celebrating in the Dr.'s office :)
She weighs 8lb 3oz and is doing beautifully...jaundice is gone, she's eating just fine...we are so thankful :)



different in person

One of the most popular comments we get regarding Adelyn in her pictures is how chubby she is....then the same persons see her in real life and they're like "she's not that chubby". The truth is, Adelyn has major chipmunk cheeks and a double chin, but that's about it...no rolly polly thighs are extra fat rolls anywhere (yet).....the pictures definitely give her some extra weight...but I am definitely looking forward to the day that she's truly "fat and happy" :) That means she's gaining weight and I'll feel more contented about waiting to feed her instead of waking her up every 2-3 hours....
For now I'm thankful that she's healthy despite the weight loss and jaundice....
I don't know where I'm going with this...it was just a chain of thoughts and I wanted to share. :)



we made it through the week! :)

It's amazing how much can change in just a few days! After going to the Dr.'s on Wednesday, my milk finally came in and it's like it won't stop....a complete answer to prayer! I love that I'm able to feed my daughter....Friday we went for a follow up and Adelyn has dropped from 8lb 3oz @birth to 7lb 4oz....I know that babies drop weight the first week and then gain it back, but it's still a little discouraging....I'm doing the only thing I know and that's just to keep feeding her.
I pray that the Lord will continue to help her grow healthy....her coloring is better, so I know the jaundice is going away. We have another appointment Monday afternoon to recheck her weight.
Nick gets to stay home all next week. I'm so thankful that he has such a flexible boss! :) He has to work a few hours from home a day, but it will still be wonderful to have him home.
Becoming a parent has been an amazing and overwhelming experience. Nick and I have enjoyed every minute of it :)
I know not everyone will find this video as adorable as we do, but we still wanted to share ;)




I promised...

I promised I'd post some pictures. :) We've been having internet issues on top of Adelyn had an AWFUL first night :) Basically she was starving b/c my milk hadn't come in, but we didn't know it. I "fed" her for 3 hours straight and we had to hold her the whole time :) Finally at 4:30am we called the Mercy Nurse for some ideas and she suggested supplementing with an ounce of formula. We did. She chowed down and slept for 2 hours.....we took her to the Dr. yesterday b/c I noticed she was yellowish. She has jaundice from not getting enough food and then not pooping on top of it....so we're feeding every 2 hours now and she's doing better....I have food for her now, so we don't have to do so much formula...I'm thankful for that :)
We are in love and we are so thankful for her! It has been a neat week for Nick and I having to lean on each other when it's getting hard....God is definitely using this amazing time to develop our marriage and I'm excited for the next few weeks.
For those of you who can, visitors are always welcome...we just ask that you call first (and don't have a runny nose ;) ).......



Adelyn Diane Flies

Adelyn was born at 5:03pm 1.11.09 @ 8lb 3oz and 19 3/4 inches...she has some serious cheeks going on and blondish brown hair...

My water broke at 5:30am Sunday morning...we were at the hospital at 6:15am.....after some horrible back labor (seriously the worst thing I have ever experienced...)I had an epdiural at 10am (the most amazing thing EVER. I felt NO PAIN until this morning!). We started pushing at 4:15pm. Baby girl was born soon after.....it was an interesting experience :)

We had some issues with her breathing for the first few hours, so I didn't really get to see her until 9pm (which was really hard), but she's doing just fine this morning and we are so thankful.

Nick and I are totally smitten....
I'm having problems downloading photos and video right now, but keep checking and I'll get some posted asap. :)



tick tock....i guess

Yesterday morning around 6:15 am I was at work at the nurses's station doing some charting. All of a sudden I got this horrible stabbing pain on my left side that radiated around to the front of my abdomen. At first I thought it was like an awful gas pain, so I stood up (bad idea, it hurt so bad!) and pushed a wheeled chair up and down the hall for a bit to see if I could walk it off....
basically the pain did not go away. I couldn't stand up straight to walk and it was starting to make me feel sick. I started having super contractions which made the pain worse. I decided I wasn't going to be able to drive home, so right when my shift ended at 7am, I called Nick to have him come get me....
The conversation went like this"

"um, I think you need to come get me"
"are you serious??"
"I'm not in labor, but I'm having this awful pain and I can't drive home"
"okay, I'll be there soon"

After we hung up, all the day shift nurses had arrived and asked what was wrong...at this point I was hurting so bad and couldn't move I just started crying (they were used to that by this point :)). After some discussion, they decided I needed to go over to Maternity Triage (which I really didn't want to) to get checked out. One of them called Nick to tell him I was going over the East Tower while Doug (bless his heart) wheeled me over in a wheelchair. I felt like such a dork. People see a pregnant nurse in a wheelchair, they don't know what to think, so they stare.
We got over there...they admitted me! I just wanted to know that everything was okay! I had the gown, the monitors...they whole bit. By the time Nick got there I was crying again (from pain and irritation). The nurse called our Dr. who thought maybe I was dehydrated from all the contractions I was having ( 30-90 seconds long and basically one after the other)...so they started an IV (ugh) and I got a liter of fluid. It helped a ton...the contractions relieved, but I was still having the awful side pain, but it lessened a bit.
They checked my cervix a couple of times and I hadn't changed....2 centimeters, dilated 75% effaced (thinned) and baby's head is super duper low....
Basically I've been home since...this pain is still there...I still have a hard time walking and can't stand up straight or move very well from it....they said I'm in early labor...so tonight, regardless of how I'm feeling, we are walking walking walking....
Nick has been so good. He stayed and worked from home yesterday while I slept....I feel better when he's home :) I'm still having contractions, just not as much....they said they wouldn't be surprised if we were back in full labor by next Wednesday, but I'm not getting my hopes up :)
I'm just ready to be done.... :)



belly footage

So the other night Nick and I were watching tv....and baby girl was going psycho....she does this quite often, but never long enough for anyone to see or feel. However, she was going for so long this night I decided to catch it on video and I did! :) Go me :)

Off on the right side she gives a little kick....then starts going crazy. I think it's fun. Enjoy :)




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