On moving:  January 12 is fast approaching! (Well, our stuff is being packed January 6 and then moved out January 7...we'll be staying with my mom and stepdad from then until the 12th when we fly out) Thankfully we don't have to do any packing (thank you, John Deere), so we've just been purging the store room and clearing out the storage unit....closets are next on the list :) I can't believe how much stuff we've been able to clear out!
We are both super excited. I'm looking forward to this "adventure" and I think that it's going to be really good for us as a couple, as well as a family.  I still get a pit in my stomach at the thought of leaving family...especially my mom. I'm going to miss her so much.  I can tell myself "it's only a few years" or "we'll be back to visit"....but it's not going to be the same without her close by and I still tear up at the thought. 
I'm so excited to move into the house. I can't wait to have a back yard. I can't wait to be able to have more room to play with Addy and play outside! We don't have a ton of space right now and Addy gets bored playing after a while, so let's just say movies have been a part of our daily life and I can't wait to keep the TV unplugged for a while in CA. We bought our first dining table a few weeks ago, and I cannot wait to put it to good use! I'm looking forward to meeting new people and trying new things. :)
I can't wait to decorate our new home...as much as I can anyway....they are pretty strict on how much they are going to let us do (no painting, can only hang frames with pictures hooks so no heavy objects like mirrors and stuff...).....but I'll work with what I've got :)

On being a family of 4: I love it and can't wait to be a family of 5. :)  End of story.
Mason is so laidback and easy going. He rarely gets upset. Adelyn loves him and can't get enough of him. She always wants to know where he is, and if he's crying...she lets me know :)  Nick has been able to be home ALOT and it's been fun for me just to be with my family and watch him interact with Adelyn and Mason....he's such a great dad.

On selling the house:  I cannot believe how fast our home sold. I'm so thankful that it's one less thing to worry about! The fact that it sold so quickly only solidified our decision even more that moving to CA is the right decision and what the Lord wants for us right now. I'm sad to be leaving our first home. Adelyn first smiled, spoke, crawled, walked, fell down the stairs :) in the home...we've brought home two children here.... as excited as I am for the house in CA, it's going to be hard to leave this house.




enough said.



5 years

5 years ago (yesterday), I married an amazing man.......2 kids and alot of ups and downs ;) later......I'd do it all over again :)




So did ya know we are moving to California? Yeah. That means we need to SELL OUR HOME.
We had to price it to sell.....borderline insanity how low we had to price it....but whatcha gonna do?
So....our house is for sale. PASS IT ON.....please :)



time flies!

I cannot believe it's been 2 WEEKS since Mason entered our world!
Life has been just peachy :) I still can't believe how easy going from one to two kids has been. I've heard so many horror stories, but ours has been far from one....so far so good :)
Adelyn was super sick last week, so that was a wee bit challenging....but Mason slept most of the time, so she and I got plenty of cuddle time in :)
Mason has his 2 week check up today......here's the little man's stats:

weight: 8.6 lbs (surpassed his 8.2lb birthweight! way to go!)
length: 20 1/2 inches (!!!! He has already gained a whole inch in 2 weeks!!!! I definitely about cried when I saw this....where's the pause button??)

I can't believe how quickly time is going by.....sadly, it bring us closer to the California move. We are pretty excited for the weather, produce (I can't wait for this!), a back yard (I'm almost shaking with excitement to have one!), and a kitchen table! We are super sad to be leaving friends and family.......thankfully, we will be back in a few years so that makes it a LITTLE easier, but not really :)



don't laugh...but I really love my...

...Belly Bandit!
Okay, so I know....I still laugh at myself for getting one of these, but I. am. hooked.
A few years ago, an acquaintance was talking about how she's seen these post partum abdominal binders in a magazine.  She said the article talked about how abdominal binding post pregnancy was making a come back. It's supposed to help get your belly looking not so deflated :) faster and help prevent stretch marks post partum.  Adelyn was about 3 months old at this point, but I was intrigued. I started doing a little online reading and found the Belly Bandit. I kept the info logged in my brain for later. :)
I wound up getting one right before I had Mason and I've worn it about every day and night since he's been around....and I love it!
You know how everything is just stretched out, so when the baby is gone, it all just hangs (aka: deflated balloon affect).....this thing holds it in AND (bonus!) helps to remind me to sit up and not slouch when I'm nursing. I used to lean forward to meet baby on the pillow, but this thing reminds me to bring baby to me...
You're supposed to wear this thing 24/7...take it off only to wash it or bathe....I wear it most of the time, but take it off when we go out b/c I do feel weird wearing it out of the house :)
Seriously, though, it is SO comfortable for me to wear and I just like how it holds my stomach in.
The only thing was figuring out what size to get. I wound up getting a small and it was pretty hard to fit at first :) but now I can velcro it just fine and still get it nice and tight. I just got the original bandit, but a coworker of mine tried the bamboo one and loved it.
For you preggers out there, I think this thing is totally worth the money and I would do it all over again. :)



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