adelyn's birthday

So our baby girl turned 4 at the beginning of January! Every single day, she does or says something that reminds me she's growing up. It freaks me out. She's a little girl now...not a toddler...or in the in-between stage of the 3's....she's 4.
{her birthday crown they made her at preschool....very papal like ;)}
{birthday morning balloon}
Nick and I took her out for dinner for her birthday. She wanted spaghetti, so she got her first Olive Garden experience. She loved it :) Afterwards, we had ice cream cake with our dear friends, Matt and Kendra, who were watching Mason for us :) They have a little boy who is the same age as Mason and just as obsessed with CARS, so it works out well ;)
She had been begging for a big girl princess bike, so that was her gift from us ;)
She is so fast on that thing! She loves it. When we take walks, she wants to ride her bike....makes it a little easy on me too ;)
We had a (princess) birthday party the weekend after her birthday. I invited her entire preschool class. It was so much fun! 7 out of 20 kids came...it was great getting to know the moms and put faces with names of friends she talks about! Between her school friends and friends from church/MOPS...there was about 14  kids who came. It was so fun!
We had a bounce house outside (would not have survived without it!). Opening gifts was an interesting experience....15 kids freaking out about each one and ripping through them....it was crazy.
Thank you so much to everyone who came to celebrate with us!
We are so thankful for the friendships she has made. :)
Adelyn had a blast and is already discussing next year's birthday party. It will not be as big as this one....maybe we'll do a low-key sleepover or something ;)



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