fun with friends

Adelyn and I went to play in the sprinkler with some friends today. Katie and Ashley are dear dear  friends. Everytime I leave from being with them, I feel refreshed. What amazing women they are! :)
It was wonderful just to sit with them while the kiddos ran off some energy and Adelyn enjoyed both the water and having someone else besides me to play with! :)
Katie, thank you for sharing your backyard! I think Ashley and I will be over a whole lot more! (for your yard of course....) ;) haha

Katie and Roman (baby girl is coming in August! woohoo!)

Ashley and sweet little Abby 



randomness and stroller envy

I laid Adelyn down for a nap almost 2 HOURS ago and she just fell asleep within the last 45 minutes. She was in her crib just playing and jabbering and I thought even if she doesn't nap, at least she'll have some "quiet time" :) Now she's asleep and I'm thinking 'dang it. I have to wake her up in a half hour to leave for small group...'  Funny how things NEVER go the way you'd like :) I am DYING to move. I really want out of this house. I want a yard for my daughter to run around it! We made the decision to wait another year, though, to pay down our mortgage more so we don't owe more than the house is worth...so we've been really knocking that down.  I am thankful for the home that we have....I know that there are people who have less. It's hard to be patient, though, when your 18 month old is getting bored and running out of space....the park that's near us really isn't friendly for kids her age, but there is an elementary school nearby with a playground that's pretty good and we've started to go there a lot more.
Baby #2 is doing well. I've been a lot sicker this time around...thankfully I have a daughter who plays well on her own, so there were alot of days where I'd just be laying on the floor watching her. I think we've passed the sick stage, though (woohoo!), b/c I have felt sick in at least 4 days! :) I have still been super tired, but I just nap with Addy in the morning and that sustains me pretty well for the rest of the day.....days that I work, though? Those are REALLY hard and I just leave for home EXHAUSTED. It could always be worse, though.
Baby #2 will be sleeping in our closet for those of you who have asked.  Adelyn will stay in her room in the crib and then we are just going to stick a pack n play in the closet....it'll do...I know some people who don't even have the space or closet that we have and are needing to get more creative than that! :)
I made cookies today. I didn't have any vanilla flavoring, so I used almond. They turned out pretty good and I may need to fiddle with that idea a bit more in the future :)
It's so humid outside! Thank you, Lord, for air conditioning.  I love being inside with the air on...so refreshing! I do not like being hot and sweating when I'm not trying to...like running/walking/exercising...I don't mind sweating...but just sitting outside? I don't like it when it's so humid out that you just sweat.
I like the dry AZ heat so much better...that hotness I can handle :)
I just realized I'm using a ton of smiley faces...

OOH...guess what I'm REALLY excited about...Chicco came out with a double stroller in April! woot woot! It's about time, people...look how preeeetty :)
Look how many directions you can fit the seat/kid? NOT your average double stroller here, people.
Apparently they are sold out EVERYWHERE and I DID put myself on the waiting list, thank you very much :) I never would have thought that there would be a day that I got excited over a double stroller...but here we are :)
I think I'll go read a while before we have to leave. We are grilling out and I'm pretty excited...I made this new salad from my Cooking Light Cookbook (the only cookbook I use anymore...I love love love it!) and it's pretty good, so we'll see how everyone else likes it. :)



ponytails and bathtime

I know I've been absent from cyberville, but between being laid out with "morning sickness" (which has been more like "all day sickness"), being so tired that going upstairs is a chore, going to the park/playground, and trying to keep little Miss Busybody entertained (let's just say you have to get creative when you have no yard and a  short driveway with cars zooming around the corner)......I've just stayed away from the computer :)
This may not be a big deal to anyone else but Nick and I.....but I got Adelyn's hair in a ponytail this morning! It's one of those things where I'm realizing that my baby is getting big and it's a bittersweet moment...

What can be better than bathtime.....at Grandma's? :)
My mom and stepdad built a new house and I am green over her bathroom! The clawfoot soaking tub is so pretty and she found a gorgeous chandalier that hangs right over it...so romantic...
(I've definitely had the house-building bug ever since...but I know that's a really long ways away...if ever...so I'll just keep living vicariously through her for now)  ;)

Adelyn really likes the new bathroom too....particularly the tub... ;)



I really, really, REALLY love...

...my new shirt! Thank you Sami!

Baby Flies #2 is due December 7 and we are pretty excited! :)

On a different note, I hope y'all had a great Mother's Day! Nick, Adelyn and I stayed the weekend with my mom in WDM while my stepdad was up visiting his kids in MN. We went to church with her Sunday and then 2 of my brothers met up with us for lunch at Olive Garden (mom's choice..it was good! I hadn't been there in years!). 
We went back to Mom's, laid Addy down, and we watched a movie then went outside and played for a while before we had to head home.
Pretty uneventful day, but it was good to spend time with family.
We attempted pictures, but the following should give you an idea of why we don't have any... :)

Happy Monday! :)



blackberries and percentiles

This little girl LOVES berries...blackberries, blueberries...she can't get enough :)

On a different note, we had Adelyn's 15-month check up this morning...about a month too late :)
So I guess that would make it her 16-month check up?
Here's the latest on our Ham Legs...

Length:  32in (90%)
Weight: 24.2lb (75%)  this shocked me. I thought for sure she weighed more!



Happy Birthday, Noah

Our nephew, Noah, turned 5 on Saturday. He had 2 parties! :) Saturday we were at my mom's for a pirate party :) and then today we were at my dad's for some yummy grilling.
Here is Yvonne (Noah's mom) and her mom, Veronica. Aren't they cute? ;) Some of the most fun people I know...
Noah got a cool globe from Yvonne's parents (can you tell he's excited?)

And my brother, Josh (Noah's dad), and Nick had to ride the tandem (what a beautiful day it was!) This little girl loved having the chaos of a ton of kids running around...like the bonnet? :) It's one my mom had when she was little and it's the only thing that would cover her ears from the wind that day :)

Today at dad's, Noah got a pretty neat gift...
"Woah! Cool!" ;) He was pretty excited about it...
While Noah tried out his new wheels...
Adelyn hung out with her Uncle Jake (I forgot to check the settings on my camera before I took this one, that's why it's so bright...woops...)

...and she played with Noah's new helmet....and picked up rocks and sticks on the driveway ;)

Here's my dad with Josh and Noah...

It was a busy weekend, but we had a blast.
Stay tuned for other fun happenings...we have some fun stuff to share! :)



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