Happy Birthday, Noah

Our nephew, Noah, turned 5 on Saturday. He had 2 parties! :) Saturday we were at my mom's for a pirate party :) and then today we were at my dad's for some yummy grilling.
Here is Yvonne (Noah's mom) and her mom, Veronica. Aren't they cute? ;) Some of the most fun people I know...
Noah got a cool globe from Yvonne's parents (can you tell he's excited?)

And my brother, Josh (Noah's dad), and Nick had to ride the tandem (what a beautiful day it was!) This little girl loved having the chaos of a ton of kids running around...like the bonnet? :) It's one my mom had when she was little and it's the only thing that would cover her ears from the wind that day :)

Today at dad's, Noah got a pretty neat gift...
"Woah! Cool!" ;) He was pretty excited about it...
While Noah tried out his new wheels...
Adelyn hung out with her Uncle Jake (I forgot to check the settings on my camera before I took this one, that's why it's so bright...woops...)

...and she played with Noah's new helmet....and picked up rocks and sticks on the driveway ;)

Here's my dad with Josh and Noah...

It was a busy weekend, but we had a blast.
Stay tuned for other fun happenings...we have some fun stuff to share! :)


Bambina Babe Monday, May 3, 2010 at 4:30:00 AM PDT  

Adelyn is such a cutie! Great pictures, are you just loving your new camera?


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